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  • 低压补偿模块
  • 低压电动机定补
  • 低压无功自动补偿
  • 低压无源滤波
  • 低压线路补偿
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  • 低压核心器件
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  • 高压SVG
  • 高压电机定补
  • 高压无功自动补偿
  • 高压无源滤波
  • 高压线路补偿
  • 高压核心器件

  • BD380 series with High-performance inverter economizer specially for injection molding machines
    The high-performance inverter energy-saving control cabinet of Fuling BD380 series is the integrated
  • BD381 series with High-performance inverter control cabinet specially for pumping units
    Inverter control cabinet of BD381 series specially for pumping units is designed by Fuling Company a
  • BD382High-performance frame saw machine frequency conversion control cabinet
    Stone frame saw machine applies universally in stone processing industry, also called stone gang
  • BD383 series high performance frequency conversion power supply
    Variable-frequency power source is the general name in domestic, it should call Ac power frequency
  • BD385 Series with High Functional Molecular Pump Power Source
    BD385 Series High Functional Molecular Pump Power Source is a programmable power source based on hig
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